Growing application and uses of water jet cutting

Growing application and uses of water jet cutting

Posted on May 20, 2017 at 07:51 PM

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Water jets are becoming more common in recent times. A typical job shop which invested in lasers before are now considering water jets as an alternate option because of its versatility to cut different materials. Compared to lasers the capital cost for water jet cutting machine is also low. So the break even period is reduced. From a job shop point of view water jets offer ability to cut any material like granite, mdf, marble, glass, stone, tiles, etc. The only item that cannot be cut on a water jet is tempered glass because tempered glass develops cracks easily. Exotic materials like inconel, monel, gun metal can also be cut using a water jet cutting machine. Even though the market for these materials are small the need is growing. Ceramics are another area where water jets come in use. Normally ceramics materials are difficult to machine and cannot be cut using any process that invloves heat generation. Since water jet cutting is a cold cutting process ceramics can be easily cut. 

A water jet cutting stone is shown above

One more important use is that in interior decoration and designer flooring. Marble floorings are cut using water jets. The design is cut and then inlaid along with the rest of the marble. Stone, granite, wood are some other materials used for decorative floorings.

We at suncoat engineering have invested in advanced water jet cutting machine to provide our customers the best service, we cut any material, provide designer flooring services using marble floorings, granite etc. Please contact us for any cutting needs.

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Growing application and uses of water jet cutting

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